Upcoming TLL & TSS Crane Operator Classes

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These are older acronyms that the NCCCO used to use. The acronyms meant Telescopic Large and Telescopic Small to describe the crane types. They have kept the initials, but we now refer to the two types of machines as Fixed Cab (TSS) and Swing Cab (TLL). We get asked all the time what the difference is. It is exactly what it sounds like, if the operating controls rotate with the boom this is a swing cab. If the controls are in a fixed position and do not move this is a fixed cab crane. This is provided your talking about a telescopic boom crane.

The class concentrates on helping you understand and pass the written portion of the certification test. As you see from the schedule you are in class for 3 days. This class is designed for crane operators with some prior experience. You need to understand crane terminology before coming to this class. If you’re a new operator look at our 2-week new operator school.

The 4th day of class is for the written exams and we also begin practical exam practice after the written test. When you sign up for this open enrollment class you will be asked what specialty your seeking. They are asking about the TLL, TSS or both. If you are taking one specialty or two will dictate how many written tests you must take. Prior to a specialty exam you will have to take the core exam. This is a 90-question general knowledge exam. You will then sit for one or two specialty exams. Each specialty exam is 26 questions and you have 60-minutes to complete them.

TLL & TSS Class Schedule

Classroom 8AM-4:30PM

Classroom 8AM-4:30PM

Classroom 8AM-4:30PM

Written Test AM
Practical Exam Practice

Practical Exam Practice

Practical Exam Finals